Development centre of the Heart of Slovenia

Heart of Slovenia - Where ideas become reality

The Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia is an organisation which has been leading, co-ordinating and connecting development projects of the area since 2000. The team of the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia, in cooperation with numerous local, regional, national and European partners, realizes projects to enhance the life quality of people in the region. The members of the team are younger but experienced and excellently interconnected professionals for individual fields of development. They are included into international partnership network with 280 organisations from 33countries.

The team of the Development Centre of the Heart of Slovenia at its work considers the needs of the local environment all the time. To realize this, it organizes, leads and coordinates networks, like the network of communities and municipalities, the network of tourist bidders, network of kindergartens and schools, the network of farmers, the network of craftsmen, the network of entrepreneurs.

By operating in network it has been increasing competences of local bidders of various products and services, as well as their power of self-organizing.