Stephens and George Charitable Trust

Highlights of 2019

The Stephens and George Charitable Trust is a registered Charity (no:1146009) based in Merthyr Tydfil. It has a staff team of 3 full time and 6 part time, who are assisted by 105 volunteers. The Trust was established to raise young people’s life chances in the local community and raise literacy standards and engage young people into the Arts.

The Charitable Trust is growing from strength to strength what started as a newly registered Charity in 2012 has now developed into a robust project. The Stephens and George Trust puts people at the heart of what they do, support and retrain them, develop their own ideas and passions to leave their own legacies within the community.

The Charity objectives are to increase social awareness, improve lifestyle, create opportunities, increase community participation, promote excellence within the community and provide opportunities to develop skills. They have recently asset the Dowlais Community Centre which is a local hub in the community, over 60 classes operate from out of the Centre and 40 partnership agencies.